Most vessels are designed according IMO rules. This means that all equipment is designed to operate at 32 Celcius sea water temperature and 35 Celcius air temperature and sailing at design speed. In real,these conditions won't happen that often. All systems like for example cooling and ventilation are oversized for the average conditions are major electrical consumers. With data supplied from the vessel we can calculate what your possible savings, investment and pay back time will be.

10 good reasons to innovate in Energie Efficiency.

 1 Saving on fuel.

 2 Saving on maintenance.

 3 Better environmental Performance.( reducing your CO2 footprint).

 4 Having tools to help you for self evaluation and improving ship energy efficiency  management and to be one of the best performing Ship Management Company’s.

 5 Helping you to fulfill your IMO/TMSA/MARPOL/ISO 14001/ISO9002/SEEMP and local obligations on environ mental  performance.

 6 Less running hours auxiliary engines.(maintenance costs).

 7 “Ship Energie Efficiency Index”.

 8 Being prepared fore the introduction and expanding of the“Low Sulphur Arias”.

 9 To get the credits from Governments and Port Authorities as a“Green Shipping Company”.

 10 Saving money.